Email Hosting Features

Top Features of Email Hosting for Your Business

With the rising number of communication options and services, email services might be overlooked at times. However, emails still tend to be the most significant parts of how organizations communicate with the respective employees and the end customers. As such, email hosting plays a major role in your business. You can consider availing top-notch email services if you wish to work closely with the employees, web hosting company, departments, and the end users of your business in an effective manner.

If you are looking forward to enhancing the overall performance of your online business, then you must consider making use of a reliable email hosting platform with the following features:

  • Good Reputation: When you have the combination of email hosting along with a dedicated server for running your online business, there stands a risk of your email server from getting blocked for several reasons. Some of the free email service providers including Yahoo, BT Internet, Microsoft,, and others continuously keep monitoring the incoming emails for any spam, virus, or other forms of doubtful content. Therefore, there stands a risk that if they are able to blacklist the particular email server in case some email gets flagged as spam, then it should be regarded as a “false positive”.

As such, when you avail reliable email hosting services from some reputed email hosting service provider like, you are able to customize the email controls as per the specific requirements of your business. This helps in establishing a good reputation amongst the target audience.

  • Flexible Mailbox Sizes: The standard free email accounts offered by most of the email hosting service providers for specific web hosting packages come with an ample amount of free data storage. This can be utilized for a myriad of purposes as per your business requirements. You will come across certain users who wish to send multiple pictures or large media content. Thus, your email hosting service provider must offer ample storage space.
  • Mailbox Choices IMAP or POP3: When you create an email account on your PC or desktop, you are offered the option of choosing between IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office Protocol). POP3 helps in downloading the emails to your computer system and usually deletes the emails from the available remote server. On the other hand, IMAP allows the end users to store the emails on respective remote servers. This is a specialized two-way email protocol that enables the users to synchronize the respective emails across multiple devices or platforms.
  • Mail Forwarding: In some typical cases, it might be useful to forward the emails automatically to some generic email addresses like the recipient emails such that all the associated individuals are able to see the mails. Some of the reliable email hosting service providers offer multiple email forwarding addresses for specific email addresses.

If you wish to enhance the reliability and performance of your online business, then you can consider availing reliable email hosting services out there!

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